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OneAgent installed at windows OS level not detecting docker (running as a windows service) containers


Hi guys,

i am runnign docker on windows machine .

ONeagent has also been installed at windows host level , it is detecting docker processes but not able to detect docker as a container application and underlying containers.

Please suggest troubleshooting steps.


Himanshu Mor




Hi Himanshu,

have you enabled "Docker for Windows Server Containers" in monitored technologies? I think it's disabled by default.

For more info see this blog post about Docker for Windows:

best regards

Hi @Franz S. , yes "Docker for Windows Server Containers" is already enabled in monitored technologies but it is not detecting docker.

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Please kindly create a support ticket, where you can provide your tenant name. Since this is Saas, with tenant name we should be able to check our diagnostics to answer this much faster.

From description above, it is not perfectly clear for me, if by 'docker processes', which are detected, you are referring to processes running inside containers or actual processes related to Docker Service. If it is the former, and only the per-container metrics of 'view containers' are missing, this is likely related to Docker Plugin. You can check if plugin agent is running in general and if you are not using a non-default Named Pipe over which Docker API is exposed.

If this is the latter, and you only see Docker PGI, but not actual processes running inside containers, you might be using Hyper-V isolation mode. Please note, only the Windows Server Containers (aka Silo) isolation mode is in scope of our Docker for Windows support.

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