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Re-Adding Kubernetes Cluster

I'm using the dynakube.yaml and kubectl to instrument my kubernetes cluster. The kubernetes cluster is an ondemand setup - which means its getting provisioned and de-provisioned every day.

Now I have an issue with re-adding the cluster with the same name in dynatrace, after installing the dynatrace deployment I get insight into hosts etc. but no cluster is registered for the kubernetes monitoring.
If I change the name, I'll get a new cluster immediately. 

How can I deploy a kubernetes cluster fresh and "join" it to dynatrace as the same cluster?
At host level there is this "--set-host-id-source=fqdn" for example. 


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Hello @mathias_indermu ,

did you try to connect the customer manually instead of the containerized activegate? I suppose your cluster gets new ID on each provisioning, so the IDs won't match. But you will need to enter the bearer token anyway (it is doable using API) too. But you will need an activegate outside of kubernetes and network connection to the K8S API.

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