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Spring Boot application running within Docker not recognized



I've setup Dynatrace using OneAgent and our Spring Boot application is running within a Docker Container on AWS/Kubernetes. Dynatrace is not recognizing the boot application as an Application, and it only shows it as a Service and with it being reported as a Service only I do not get deep insights like you have above of the REST API Service Flow breakdown. How do I get my String boot app to be recognized as an Application in Dynatrace with all the REST Service flows?


Do I need to setup the older AppMon with agentpath for this? The download page for the client side AppMon page wasn't working today. If I can have the right like that would be great.




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

In Dynatrace Applications are only defined when frontend is instrumented with RUM injection. Here's a nice writeup that explains Applications:

You'll also need DEM credits from a licensing perspective.

AppMon is coming to a soon termination of support. You should not be using AppMon any longer.

It seems you're struggling with some basic concepts. Perhaps you should reach out to your sales Account Rep for some guidance on which products and features for your needs.

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro
If by "application" you mean an actual web application for RUM: This only works if there is a web / HTML frontend/page that triggers the REST API's and into which it's possible to inject the Javascript agent tag. And for this to work automatically it is necessary that the backend serving the (static) HTML is monitored with OneAgent and uses a supported technology.

If your "application" only consists of a set of REST API's without an actual HTML frontend then you will not be able to define an application (as defined in Dynatrace) for it - this is by design.


Thanks for both your responses. My application is a Spring Boot application with REST endpoints invocable from a front end UI. I also see a message saying that a Restart is pending. So it looks like restarting alone should do the trick.

Also in reading the docs further it appears the even as recognized as a "Service", one would be able to drill down to the REST service flows of the JVM.

Joe, thanks for the pointer on how to have it recognized as an Application.

I'm now clear that AgentMon is the old product and can confirm I'm not using it. I'm only using the newer OneAgent.


t even as a "Service", one can drill down to the ServiceFlows. I see a message saying that a

I spend some more time reading the docs and it appears that even

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