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API Token's "Read configuration" permission, what exactly allows to see?




To consume a Dashboard via API REST (Dynatrace Managed), you must have an API token with the permission "Read configuration", as documentation shows:


But what exactly this permission enables? Only a dashboard? Or something else?

I can't find any related topic about this permission.






Hey @Daniel Busquets de D., The "Read Configuration" permission allows you to generate and the authenticate the API token so that it can be used within the API. Support states that this is required If you want to use the token with the API.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi Chad,

Thank you! but what I'm really doubting is about which things can you do with the permission "Read configuration" apart from getting a dashboard in Json.

Documentation says: "To execute this request (Dashboard consuming via API), you need the Read configuration permission assigned to your API token. See the Authentication page to learn how to obtain and use it. "

So, with "Read configuration", which other actions could you perform on the server, apart from getting a Dashboard?


read configuration will allow the API to read everything configuration related. Granted, per each API GET you initiate. So if you want to read the configuration of dashboards you can use the read configuration option on the API Token, and supply it for the dashboard API GET command. Further more you can use to get Host information like Processes connected to it, Services, Host units, Host groups etc... any type of API that would read the config and relay data back to you, would use the Read Configuration option.


Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Read configuration access scope allows you to read all resources under the configuration API.

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