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Add MDA as a tile within Dashboard


I am looking into a way to attach a MDA (Multi-dimensional analysis) as a chart to specific Dashboard. After browsing across Dynatrace community there are 2 really interesting articles which stated that such action is possible:

My aim is to monitor the slowest query executed towards the DB. A custom metric can be created which will allow to monitor the queries and their count based on the custom created metric.

Has anyone used the custom calculated metrics?




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If you are interested in response time of a particular DB query, you can mark it as key request and then pin that to dashboard. It's not straightforward, but it works.

Calculated metrics can be only measured at non-database services and you can only calculate total time spent in DBs or number of calls per request.

The slowest DB query from a service can be very volatile and highly dependent on the service request. What is your use case? (your first link is publicly accessible)

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I am looking into a way to monitor the slowest running queries and their number, the largest occurances of the same queries. They will be part of a Performance Dashboard which will be used during Delivery, and Early Live Support of the application.

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