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Change scale of y-axis in dashboard graphs


Hi Everyone,

Have set up some dashboards to give various performance graphs.

Is there any way to change the they-scale for graphs that have ' requests/minute' to a different scale?

Ideally would like to use 'requests/second' and 'requests/day' - the main reason is to be online with existing business metrics that use these scales - so can compare easily.

Have not investigated yet, but presume could get some of these raw values through the API's and graph ourselves, but would be nice if can be done internally.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Jason! We've gotten similar requests in the past and already have it planned. You'll be able to switch from a per minute rate to a simple COUNT aggregation, that gives you the raw number of occurrences. Providing a way to opt for other rates (e.g. per hour) might be also a possibility.


Is there a Enhancement Request I can track eagerly?

We don't have a customer facing ticket for that matter, but I'd recommend to follow our roadmap (, where we also announce improvements like this as soon as it is available.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey, for all the ones who stumble upon that. 


This can now be achieved with the Data explorer using the :rate transformation Something like :rate(d) should do the trick. For the rest see my documentation here: 

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