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Classical Dashboards


Dear Dynatrace Gurus,

before you say move to the new dasboards with DQL, I would like t keep the old classical dashboards for now.

I have a couple of questions, I hope someone can help me?


1. I need to modify this classical dashboard query to display two important metrics (see below),

In this I use tech.generic.cpu.usage


1. Process Group -> Tecnology Specific Metrics -> GC Time

2. Process Group -> Tecnology Specific Metrics -> GC Time

Where can I find the documentation for tech.generic.?.? (use to obtain more out of the box metrics)


2. I have a dashboard that uses the same query above, but if the process is down it says no data is available and you would see an empty no name chart. How can I show on the same dashboard to say process is down and not available and may be show as red - like Availability button.

Can someone help?


I appreciate your support.









2. Process Group -> Tecnology Specific Metrics -> Response Time

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

The doc for the tech generic metrics is here:

You can use the metric builtin:tech.generic.count to show if your process is Up (>1) or down (0). Try the single value visualization and mark 0 as red, >1 as green.

Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl

I used this for the CPU of that process like this




Then If I use the single count with the metric that you recomened


I get this error

The dimension key `dt.entity.process_group_instance` has been referenced, but the metric has no such key.


If I remove the split


I get this error

The dimension key `dt.entity.process_group_instance` has been referenced, but the metric has no such key.


I need to monior availability this particular process instance


Thanks for any feedback


How many Process Instances you do have for this process Process Group? This metric will look for Process Instances in your Process Group. The Process Group Instance is not a valid dimension for this metric. You should use the Process Group as filter/split by.


Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl

There are two instances one each host and the code above works like a charm. I filter by host and technology to find availability of each process in one dashboard. Do you another way to do this?


Thank you Dann, much appreciated it!

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