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CloudWatch metrics streams for memory usage for EC2 instance


I have Integrated the cloud watch metrics streams to Dynatrace and created the dashboard, but I am unable to see the "Memory" usage and "Available Metrics" in the dashboard.

Later on, I installed cloud watch Agent in the EC2 instance but I am able to see the "Custom Metrics", in the cloud watch. Now I want to pull the "Memory Data" which is present in the CloudWatch.

Can you please suggest to me how to do this?



Hello @salma,

So when you integrate dynatrace with AWS, it will capture the services as defined in the policy. for EC2 instance it can only capture CPU, Network and EBS(not Disk of that instance). Memory and Disk won't be monitored because there is no dynatrace agent installed. Even with cloudwatch agent it won't be able to pull metrics. 

As an example, when you spin up an EC2 instance, and then select that instance below you will see one monitoring tab. So dynatrace pulls data from there only. Even if you installed cloudwatch agent, memory metric will not show in that memory tab by default. You have to create to a dashboard in cloudwatch for memory.

You can try it and see.

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @salmakhatun4842, I believe your question is already answered in this thread 🙂  (Is it possible to show the Memory information of AWS EC2 instance without OneAgent?)

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