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Dashboard for resource requests from waterfall analysis



Is there a way I could create a dashboard for the top time-consuming requests (document, XHR, resource requests) from their waterfall analysis (splitting them on application->page level) captured under RUM/Synthetic monitoring?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


I would say that these options might help you:

  • In metrics, if you search for "synthetics", you will get some of the metrics below.
  • builtin:synthetic.browser.firstByte.load and builtin:synthetic.browser.event.firstByte.load are some of the metrics where you can get the First Byte (TTFB)values, which is normally the most important part for the document download
  • For XHR & resource requests, it seems that no corresponding metrics exist. But some creative metric calculation might give you a good estimation, like total time minus TTFB, for instance. Or you can use composite metrics, like builtin:synthetic.browser.event.networkContribution.load 
  • If you want more details, you can even create metrics for a specific object. In the synthetic waterfall, in the object, click "Analyze over time", and then you will have the possibility to create a metric
  • With RUM data, you have much more options. To begin with, the application tile has the information you want.
  • In Metrics, you have a bunch of them. Search for "apps"
Antonio Sousa

Thanks Antonio for quick reply. As advised, I am trying to figure out composite metrics, but is there a documentation somewhere I could refer to that could help me code the desired query with accepted syntax/metrics.

I wanted to have the representation where time consuming resource requests for a particular user action (like loading of PDP) could be seen. We can see it under waterfall Analysis but for business reporting purpose, wanted to have a kind of dashboard.