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Dashboard sharing - Public sharing for signed-in users


Hello Community

When I want to share a dashboard publicly, I can share the URL with no sign-in required .

But if I share a public dashboard to a user already signed-in, he will have access to the dashboard with his permissions applied (and may lose access to data if his account is not granted)
If the same user open the dashboard once he's no more signed-in( or in incognito mode), he can have access to the data in the dashboard.

Is there a way to avoid this ?
Or should I open a RFE (I did not found any existing RFE for this) ?

Thanks for your answers


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Other then adding the user permissions to see that data... You might want to toss in a RFE for it. Especially if you dont want to grant extra access to see the data.


Yes, granting people is excluded , unfortunately. (I dont want people which have access to the MZ for application A to access to MZ application B)

Public sharing of dashboard is possible, so today, the remediation for the user is to use another browser to see the public link .


RFE was opened for this topic :

Let's see if it will be include into roadmap.


Please fix it, it used to work fine and now sharing dashboards to a group of people that have different level of access will result in errors.


How can we vote for the RFE ?





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