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Dashboard that shows services data per host

Hi guys,

Prospect raise a need to show all services data (response time, Failure rate, CPU, Throughput) which are running on a single machine in one dashboard.

Prospect says that in this way he can see if there are services (ratter than process) that causing the host hard time.

Is there a way to set a dashboard for that or any intention to build this kind of dashboard ?

Yos @Gil G.



Hi Yos,

Unless I'm misunderstanding your question, I believe this is available today with Dynatrace's dashboarding capabilities paired with tagging. If you create a tag for all services on the host in which the client is interested, you can then use that tag in custom charts, as well as a services tile.

Here is how to build a custom chart:

You can then apply tags to that to filter to the exact services you'd like.

Hope this helps,


Hi Hayden,

First thanks for your answer.

we thought about taging but.... in this case prospect got around 500 services running on one jvm. So prospect is willing to see in one dashboard which of the 500 services is causing the server/jvm a cpu/memory/failure rate/throughput issue.

not sure that taging in this case and then charting each of the 500 services will help 😞


So the problem is, that the customer cannot chart 500 services on one chart or what? Splitting up the services on multiple charts? Or is the max. metric limit the problem? Please be more specific, thanks.

Hi Thorsten,

First of all there is no problem.

We just want to find the right way to answer prospect challenge with how he can find out which service out of his 500 that are running on one single process, consume the most of cpu, throughput, failures, memeory.

We can see this functionality in builtin process dashboard and prospect ask if there is a way to build this kind of dashboard for services.

Hope I was able to explain the need now.


OK, maybe I still don't understand the problem, but I can chart the following:

Custom charting:

In the service overview the third button in the filter panel:

Memory is not available. Is this what you want to achieve?


Hi Thorsten,

We have already showed prospect this services chart but they said that their services (500!) are running on one process over 5 host and from this chart of services they can't understand which service on what server is causing their problem (i.e. traffic,cpu,memory,failure rate....) nor to drill down to it.

Actually what they are looking for is extend to the provided services data under process dashboard with the data of traffic,cpu,memory,failure rate, something like the follow screenshot

They got 500 services on their process not 2 🙂


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

This can now be done on click. read: