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Data Explorer - Add management zone as column?


Hi all, 

We have some reporting requirements based on cpu/mem/disk usage, all the standard items. Using Data explorer, I've created the tables I wanted and added them to a dashboard, however I've been asked to include the management zone as a separate column, as the query gets all hosts and we have very different allowances for management zones (dev, prod etc.). 

Is there a way to do this? I can restrict the table as a whole to a management zone from the dashboard menu, however I can't see a way to include management zones in the query itself. 

Many thanks! 


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


I think it is possible if you have Grail enabled.

Best regards

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hi @i_g ,

I can not answer your question, bat I may give you kinda different approach to do this by using entities search based filter for your query in data explorer. You can add filter for your table based on management zones entity belongs to like this:


This will filter all host, which belong to management Zone. named PROD.So you could add multiple tiles (one per stage) in your dashboard.


However, I would rather do what you mentioned above:  a single dashboard, which can be tailored using management zone filter.


I am not sure if adding management zones as a column makes much sense in general. Entities may belong to multiple management zones, depending segmentation you use in the future (f.y. all entities for prod, or all entities for all stages for certain application). 


We are using host custom metadata and tags to enrich host info with such information as stage already on oneagent  installation. It still does not allow to split by tag (as split is just by dimension and dimension for system metrics is host).


For Grail usage for it I home someone else can answer it 🙂 (in case you can use it)




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