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Dynamic filtering not working in the dashboard made with BizOpsConfigurator


So I used BizOpsConfigurator to make a dashboard of our K8 namespaces. I'm noticing that the dynamic filters don't work. I added one for Kubernetes Cluster and it doesn't matter what K8 cluster I choose, the data are the same. And the same goes for when I added a dynamic filter of tag with a tag key of "environment" (these tags are created via automatically applied tags where the Tag name is the key and the "optional" tag value is the of the value, so that the key:value format results in Environment:QA  or Environment:Dev, etc.). 

Has anyone else experienced this before? I'm kind of facing a hit or miss with dynamic filters either working or not working in general. In some instances they work while in other instances they do not work. For example: I have a custom dashboard showing metrics for a process running on a host that is full-stack.

When I added a dynamic filter of monitoring mode and added a filter of infra-only, the dashboard still showed me metrics for a process running on a host with full-stack (I anticipated it showing me nothing based on the filter of infra-only). 


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Dashboard filtering with Dynamic filters are going to heavily rely on what you have in place at your organization. If you used a BizOpscofig dashboard and it posted filters in with it, they you may need to adjust those values/settings to reflect your tagging structure. Keep in mind some of these dashboards have been built a while ago so if it did publish filters, they might be antiquated with the current filter design.

I have not had an issue with the filtering other then they tend to be siloed but that's not a bug as that's how it was designed. Granted that comment might also be legacy as they have enhanced the filtering. I recommend checking out the following documentation: 


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