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Dynatrace manage Custom (cloned) Dashboard unable to add required servers to Infrastructure Tile


Cloned Home Dashboard to new Dashboard - (XYZ) - able to add/remove/modify Tiles one of Tile Hosts - I wanted to add/Select required Servers on this Dashboard, I am unable to edit the tile to select the servers but by default, it is showing a total number of servers of the tenant.

Any advice on how to address this?



Hi Rajesh,

That tile cannot be modified to allow you select specific hosts. What you can do is place a "Tag" on the specific hosts you want in the tile and then go to the Hosts view, filter on the tag in the textbox and "Pin to dashboard". This will place the selected hosts you care about on a tile in your dashboard. Please see more on how to tag entities here. Also if you have management zones in your environment enabled, this also filters that tile down to just hosts for that Management Zone but the MZ feature is still in beta. Please let me know if you have any further questions.



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