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Filter dashboard by process ID


Hi, I want to view metrics of only 1 process by filtering by it's process id.  However it is not able to find any data w.r.t this process. Is there a way I can achieve this? The process id exists as seen in the below screenshot.






DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @Mik 

As much as possible you can do it. You can prepare such a view with Data Explorer. You need to set for the selected metric Splitting by processes and in the filter you indicate the process name.


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In data explorer process.ID is something different than you used here. Id you can find when you enter process, then in URL you can extract it and put in data explorer as process.ID 🙂


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Thanks a lot for quick response!

Is there a way to query the process by its PID based on the process id generated on the host machine?

The reason I am asking this is because I am having many processes having the same process name, to individually go to each process to find out which one I am looking for, get it's id from the URL and then use it in the dashboard filter seems a bit of a tedious task😅.

You can use an advanced mechanism to group processes:
You will be able to build a process detection rule to suit your needs.

Have a nice day!

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