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Filtering out problems but keep alerting


Hey all!

I have a strange scenario: 

Disk space problems in our env are automatically opening ServiceNow tickets to the relevant teams to handle.

The issue is, that it's creating a lot of "junk" in our Problems page (about 20 problems of disk space), we can't close them because it'll close the ticket, and on the other handle we can't disable them in a maintenance window because it'll not open a problem = it will not open a ticket is Service Now.

So I need to find a solution where Dynatrace will keep alerting on Disk Space problems, but I will not see them. I want my users to be able to just go to the problems page without filtering anything, so I want to make sure those problems are not there, but will still be alive.

Any smart solution?

Thank you in advance!


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


If are in a Grail tenant, you can use DQL to filter out those problems, and put that information in a dashboard.

Or you can create a alerting profile to exclude those combiting event filter + negate option. For example, one alerting profile where problems were "XXXXX" in tittle is not included. Then, your users can filter by that alerting profile.

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Hey Anton! Thank you for the response.

I'm starting to play a bit with the DQL, since I don't want users to filter out by themselves, I think the DQL sounds like a better solution for this case.

I have a few questions: 

Using the DQL, I'm creating a dashboard, right? Is it possible to make sure that users can click on a problem in this dashboard and they will be redirected to the actual problem?


That is a good feature request @YuvalKon. However, as far as I know we don't have that feature yet. "Going to actual problem from the New Dashboard."

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