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How do we ensure permanence of shared dashboards?


Our team will be creating dashboards for use by a large number of different application support teams (i.e., one dashboard per application). We would like to remain the owners of the dashboards and so plan to create the dashboards and then share them globally. I am concerned, however, with the fact that each dashboard is owned by a single person - can you tell me what would happen if the person who owns these dashboards was to cease to be Dynatrace Managed user? I.e., if "Bob" from our team owns the dashboards but then leaves the company will his dashboards remain in the system or would then "vanish" as soon as his ID gets deleted?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Dashboard will be available for you but without owner. You can use API to delete it. Better idea then is clone such dashboard via api for new (for example technical user that always will be possible). And then delete copy that belongs to former employee.


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks Sebastian. That's good to know. I presume that we could either have somebody who remains in our team clone the dashboard or, as you suggest, use the API... for the API I presume that we would do a Get to obtain the config of the existing dashboard then PUT to make a clone of it. I see that the "owner" is listed as optional when using the API. I assume that any changes to the dashboard would then have to be done via the API wince no other user would have permissions to change it (?).

If you want to change dashboard via GUI you will have to add new owner to it. But actually api token is assigned to user that has created it so when you will not fill owner field, it will be assign to person than ownes token.


Regards, Sebastian

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