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How to create a custom chart / table to list top 10 or top X requests /services?


I have been using Dynatrace Managed for last few weeks and I see few challenges in creating a dashlet or tile which would give me a top 5 services or web requests in terms of response times. It feel it is easier to create one in AppMon .

For example, the use case is as below: Under the applications which is being monitored , there are multiple services . And there are multiple request types under each of these services.

For Example:

Service ABC - > Request 1, Request 2 , Request 3, Request 4, Request 5

Service DEF - > Request 6 , Request 7 , Request 8 , Request 9, Request 10 and so on...

Now my goal is to create a custom chart/table that will let me view top 5 requests of all these requests across the services. Dynatrace lets me create a custom chart by applying a filter at service level only . I could not extend it to the requests under each of these services level. Please let me know if you are aware of a solution Thanks much!!


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

You would need to mark the important requests as key requests then you can chart them in the custom chart as well. this will be improved in the future though.

'this will be improved in the future though' - have we reached the future yet, or when will it be?

I need the same functionality in Dynatrace Saas, but as far as I can see, I still need to mark requests within a service as key requests in order to put them on a custom chart

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