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Manually added tag for the process doesn't get populated on Data Explorer in filter section


Hi Team,
I have manually added Tag to all the process instances of a particular Service. I am able to filter out processes using a manually added Tag on the Technologies and Process page.

But when I go to Data Explorer and try to filter process using the same Tag, there this manually added Tag is not getting populated in the list of Tag inside the Filter section. not sure what is wrong with Data Explorer because I am able to filter out process-level data using a manually added Tag on Custom Chart.

Please give your input.

Heramb Sawant


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Can you please create a support ticket so we can have a look at this? Sounds like a bug to me!


kind regards


Hi Thomas,
I have created support ticket , Please have a look.

thanks for following up.

@heramb_sawant did you solve your issue?
Community users would be very happy to see the answer.

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its a bit tricky. It seems that in some occasions we limit the number of results in order to provide results faster. In that case, since it is a Manged customer, and the load is on the infrastructure of this customer only, we disabled a feature that limits the suggestions and it now shows all expected results. So the best advice I can provide here is to reach out to support in such a case to check whether the same solution can be applied.  

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