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Meaning of all the server-side performance metrics in One Agent


I'm using Dynatrace One Agent Trail version and looking to monitor some standard server-side monitoring metrics. I am looking to setup custom charts with these metrics on my custom dashboard but I need a list of metrics with their meaning to pick the right one. Here are my required metrics:

1. Concurrent users

2. Requests per second

3. Throughput

4. Error Rate

5. Server CPU utilization (%)

6. Server Memory utilization (GB)

7. Server Disk utilization (%)

8. Average and Peak Response Time (seconds)


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Just use the create a custom chart button, the metrics are pretty self-explanatory

The corresponding Dynatrace Metrics would be:

  1. Web Applications - User behavior - (Started\Ended or Live sessions)
  2. Services - Throughput - Server ( For all Rrequests, you could use the measure for key requests)
  3. same as 2
  4. Services - Failure rate
  5. Hosts - CPU usage
  6. Hosts - Memory Usage
  7. Hosts - Disk usage
  8. Services - Response time (Use different aggregations for Avg / Max).

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