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USQL - Segment Funnel Chart by Apdex Score of User Action in Funnel


I'd like to create a funnel chart segmented by the apdexCategory of a specific user action within that funnel. The general question I'm trying to answer is, "How does the user experience with our site's Product Details Pages impact Add to Cart and Place Order rates?" I have the following USQL statement that attempts to create the segment for Frustrated "loading of pdp (/d/)" user actions in the WHERE clause (in bold below), but it's clearly not bringing back the correct numbers:

SELECT FUNNEL( = "loading of pdp (/d/)" AS "Product Details Page", <-- Want only FRUSTRATED PDP actions = "ajax call for add to cart" AS "Add to Cart Action", = "ajax call for place order" AS "Order Placed")
FROM usersession
WHERE userType = "REAL_USER" AND ( = "loading of pdp (/d/)" AND useraction.apdexCategory = "FRUSTRATED")

i'd like the useraction.apdexCategory = "FRUSTATED" part to refer specifically to the "loading of pdp (/d/)" user action, but i'm pretty sure it's not doing that. I probably need something more like...

WHERE useraction(name, apdexCategory) = ("loading of pdp (/d/)", "FRUSTRATED")

...but that syntax obviously doesn't work. Does anyone know if such a query is possible?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Your query is filtering down to sessions that have any frustrated user actions as you suspect. I don't see a way to do what you're looking for right now, it might need something like subqueries but nothing like that is in USQL right now.

It's a great idea though, I'd look at posting an idea/rfe.

Thanks, James - appreciate the confirmation that I'm not just missing something obvious.

Idea posted:

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