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Usersession values by country


Hi all,

Im trying to show several usersession values grouped by country. I use next query to see values of one country:

select * from usersession where like "loading of page /ewavweb/es/"

where "es" refers to a country (Spain in this case).

I would like to show a chart with values for every country.

I could group by country for example:

select * from usersession where like "loading of page /ewavweb/??/" group by country,

but it is not possible because Dynatrace doesnt provide session country value ( when I do select * from usersession, country value is always null)

Does anybody know how to solve this issue?



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If im following this issue correctly, it appears I am able to do this without issue.

can you share your string that your using?


Hi Chad,

I get:

When I do select * from usersession I get null value in country column


You might want to open a support ticket then, maybe a configuration step was missed. Have you defined IP ranges and such?


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