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response time distribution on dashboard



I'm at a customer, that would like a chart on his Dynatrace dashboard with the responsetime distribution for some key web user actions (similar to the response time distribution view of the "Analyse outliers" of Purepaths, see below).

Is there a possibility to chart this currently? This would be a very interesting view!

Thanks in advance!

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@Sjoerd B. This is possible. If you navigate to the desired requests you would like to chart and mark them as "key Requests" this will allow you more charting capabilities. Now as data comes in and it is marked as a key request, you can create a custom chart and base it off of Failure rates, throughput, Errors, Response time etc... for the defined key requests.

Let me know if you need any additional assistance. If you feel this answer solved your question please feel free to make it as the "Best Answer" and reward the user with reward points as you see fit!


Hi @Chad T., Thank you for this!

The problem for me is not how to create the Key-Requests, that has been done from the start, but this very specific chart with responsetime-distribution. I couldn't find it to be in the default chart options, but maybe I overlooked something.

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So you cant see the big overview with the grouping of outliers but you can mark it as a key request then chart it. Here I have charted one of our key requests and it shows a spike where the request took longer.

Hi Chad,

Thanks again!

those graphs I created already... but for the customer it is interesting to see how many requests are in which performance segment; In this screen you can see that the average time increased, you can also plot the number of requests as a bar in it, but it doesn't give you an idea about the distribution of fast and slow requests..

I know we could have a look at percentiles as well, but that also doesn't give the required insights.

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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You want to have something like this?

Unfortunately Outliers dashboard cannot be charted right now.


Regards, Sebastian

This is (as i hinted in my initial question) exactly what I want on my dashboards for specific key user actions...

Is this already in the RFE/wishlist for a dashboard widget/dashlet as far as you know?

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I didn’t see such RFE so post one 🙂

Regards, Sebastian

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

In Appmon this would have been a percentile chart, which indeed was very useful to understand the distribution behavior of a certain request type (or a BT result back then).

I'm missing this kind of charting very much in Dynatrace!

One example was a visualization that was easy to understand to get an idea of the variance of requests: check the "HomePage" request (top row second from the right), "bump" in the chart indicates that there is lots of fast requests but suddenly also a lot of slower ones.

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