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DynaKube metrics/ingest method POST is not supported

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I've followed this post:

But reached the same issue as the OP in that question, that the metrics ingest from the active gates responds with a 405. I've sent in metrics outside of kube with the same endpoint on a localhost:14499 OneAgent without issue, but here, the response is:

<body>Error: 405 HTTP method POST is not supported by this URL<br/>Uri: /metrics/ingest<br/>
api/v2/metrics/ingest also fails, but with a 404.

What is the working combination to get metric ingest in DynaKube?




There was previous mention of metrics-ingest module for the Activegate:

As you can see in that PR, it was removed.

I'm not sure when this feature will be supported by Dynatrace


     Thanks for your response, but these just look like they've removed it from their samples, not the active gate. the comments in the code also suggest that is it still a capability of the active gate, even if it is not employed in the sample application.

for instance the code in the commit still has the following:

# Specifies which capabilities will be enabled on ActiveGate instances
# The following capabilities can be set:
# - routing
# - kubernetes-monitoring
# - metrics-ingest
# - dynatrace-api

Is there an official deprecation announcement of the capability?



This module is very much still in use and supported, the samples indeed just moved folders:

dynatrace-operator/config/samples -> dynatrace-operator/assets/samples

Please raise a ticket or open a new question in case of issues.

For the record, I did not accept this answer, someone accepted it for me. I do not consider "ask someone else" an acceptable answer.

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