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Automation for Dynatrace Managed

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I've been looking into what automation capability is available for Dynatrace Managed Customers.

Cloud Automation doesn't strictly specify whether it's supported by Managed or not and looks to require a Dynatrace hosted instance - Cloud Automation requirements | Dynatrace Docs

Additionally, since AutomationEngine/Workflows is only a Saas product, are there any direct webhook/integration automation capabilities available for on-prem Dynatrace Managed solutions? 



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

@Jarrod_Brammer Cloud Automation, AutomationEngine, and Workflows are available only in the SaaS deployment model. There are no plans currently to make them available on-premises with Dynatrace Managed. The reason is that they rely on Grail which is available only in Dynatrace and was architected that way, which is unsuitable for on-premises deployments.

What you can use is alternatively is:

  •  - installed on your premises or private cloud, easy to integrate with Dynatrace, base for Cloud Automation available in Dynatrace
  • - Use Dynatrace webhooks to trigger automation from problems - for example, a remediation playbook
  • Use REST APIs and embed them into your own CI/CD, or automation workflows
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