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request attribute - Web request URL - regex - extract second part of URI

Hi guys,

What should be the right regex in order to extract the second part of the URI?

In the followed example we would like to get vh3


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

media\/([^\/?]*+) might work if you're only interested in that specific pattern. I was trying to test it but it seems to keep crashing my page.

For reference here's a good doc on regex in Dynatrace:


Hi James,

Thanks for your answer

I read this page and tried few times different ways with no luck....

Your regex seem to invalid


post processing options allow for splitting the values, which will create an array of the different parts (assuming the delimiter is /). The question is how do I retrieve only the second element of that array

the split actually puts multiple values on the request, so that is not what you want here.

instead of that remove the split ad do a regex that will go for the second part. this regex should do the trick, it jumps over part one and takes part two.


Thanks Michael

This one is look working