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PRO TIP - Finding out what rule qualified for your defined application and the associated processes/services/hosts

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Organizations at times can be trying to track down what rule qualified for their Application and confirm the underlying process flow the that serves up the webfront in question. We have found ourselves in that boat as well. 

Here are some tips on how to capture the data pertaining to the topology and qualification of a given app. 

App Level:

Dynatrace does give you the domain used to access your defined app, along with the defined rule(s) that decides what session is linked to which app. 



This is all great information, but what if I need to target a specific domain or URL and there are several defined for the app? This is where we can move to the Session Segmentation. 

Session Segmentation - User Session Query: 

You'll want to use this Query: SELECT * FROM usersession WHERE useraction.domain=<VALUE>"

This will list all the sessions and you can then select the given session to review the data. Once a session is selected take a look at one of the actions, you'll see the app that was qualified, as well as the domain which we are sorting on: 


Then check out the waterfall analysis which should then have purepaths/traces for you to select. 

In the Trace:

Once in the trace you'll be able to see the qualifying rule as well as the overall topology as to what served up this request. 


This all proved to valuable information when tracking down a RUM injection issue to say, What is that host serving up, What application is it linking to and why. 


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Thanks  for  sharing.


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