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Connection reset by peer (IBM DataPower Extension)


We've installed this plugin in our managed system. We can "telnet" port 5500 from ActiveGate VM of this appliance with no problems, but we're seeing this error in log files and also when we try to curl the XML Management Interface.


We have only one metric showing up in the UI, which is, "Connectivity". It shows 0.


Do you guys have any suggestions?




I remember faintly that we had a similar issue, which was related to the access rights given to the user which we had defined in the DataPower endpoint config. Unfortunately I don't have any documentation about it, but it was fixed by the DataPower specialist who saw in the local DP logs that the user wasn't authorized to do what it was trying to do. It was directly fixed by him, so I indeed don't have the details about what rights exactly were required. But if that helps in any way, I'd recommend investigating this on the DataPower end.

Hello @kalle_lahtinen & @serhat_balik 

What is the default port? I used 5550/5500/443 with and without credentials, but no metrics/services data is retrieving. What could be the issue?

5550 is the default one (the default URL is in the display hint when setting up the extension)

Hello @Mike_L 
Thank you. Is the given URL hint, or should it be the same URL? The DataPower person is unable to provide the correct information.



There have been some customers with a different URL, but in 90-95% of the cases it has been the one in the displayhint.

Hello @Mike_L 
I will go through with them and come back to you for further assistance if required.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello @Mike_L 

Once port 5550 ( opened then we tried a user having the read access on the default and read/write access on all projects but we are not getting any sort of metric data plus the services. We used LDAP user.


What could be the issue?

What types of permissions are required?





Hi @Babar_Qayyum,

Based on the properties, it appears some of the calls are working correctly. Can you please check the extension logs to see what may be going on? 













Hello @DavidMass 

I did not find anyother thing except the following:


2022-08-21 13:12:02.156 UTC WARNING [Python][17093318922597055693][IBM DataPower][139800935380736][Thread-852] - [write] /dyna/dm_config/remotepluginmodule/agent/runtime/engine_unzipped/site-packages/urllib3/ InsecureRequestWarning: Unverified HTTPS request is being made to host ''. Adding certificate verification is strongly advised. See:



Now I have same issue. We using this URL: for XML management Interface URL

You can try to curl that address from the ActiveGate to make sure that it isn't a network issue. If that works then open a support ticket.

I tried to curl with -k option and result is successfully. If I try to curl without -k option then result is Failed with certificate. 😞

When configuring the extension you can select whether or not to require a valid certificate. It's up to every unique organization though to decide if they are fine with that.

You can also pass in a certificate chain to the extension through the configuration.

Yes, But now I have error is below:

[ddc84298-211b-3c28-9590-6b657af1786e][7120909108104966235][7123][err]2023-12-05 11:04:31,471 [ERROR] dynatrace_extension.extension (ThreadPoolExecutor-0_0): Failed polling URL: https://IPAdress:5550/service/mgmt/current with domain: default. Status code: 500. Request: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><env:Envelope xmlns:env=""><env:Body><dp:request domain="default" xmlns:dp=""><dp:get-status class="DomainStatus"/></dp:request><dp:request domain="default" xmlns:dp=""><dp:get-status class="IPAddressStatus"/></dp:request></env:Body></env:Envelope>. Reply: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

That 500 is coming from the DataPower device. Maybe check with the admin team there if they changed the path or something like that.

Everything is OK. But no data for DataPower in Dynatrace WebUI

The “OK” just means that the extension was found and ran. Not that it worked.

Status is OK

image (9).png


But No metrics data 
image (10).png

The OK just means that the extension was found, not that it managed to connect. The log files on the ActiveGate has any connection errors. 

[ERROR] dynatrace_extension.extension (ThreadPoolExecutor-0_0): Failed polling URL: https://IPAdress:5550/service/mgmt/current with domain

You can test to curl from the ActiveGate to troubleshoot it further.

If I were you I’d go with a support case though. 

Yes, I try to curl many time. 

image (11).png

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