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Connection reset by peer (IBM DataPower Extension)


We've installed this plugin in our managed system. We can "telnet" port 5500 from ActiveGate VM of this appliance with no problems, but we're seeing this error in log files and also when we try to curl the XML Management Interface.


We have only one metric showing up in the UI, which is, "Connectivity". It shows 0.


Do you guys have any suggestions?


DynaMight Mentor
DynaMight Mentor



I remember faintly that we had a similar issue, which was related to the access rights given to the user which we had defined in the DataPower endpoint config. Unfortunately I don't have any documentation about it, but it was fixed by the DataPower specialist who saw in the local DP logs that the user wasn't authorized to do what it was trying to do. It was directly fixed by him, so I indeed don't have the details about what rights exactly were required. But if that helps in any way, I'd recommend investigating this on the DataPower end.