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DataPower Plugin Metrics - Calls Per Second


I'm monitoring services in DataPower, and built a dashboard that shows the statistics of the metric "Service - Calls Per Second" for each service. Some services show no data at all for the metric "Calls Per Second" although through looking at the "Service - Time" metric I can see that the service was working at that time frame.

Other then that, going into Further Details I can see that "Calls Per Second" appears under "Metrics" and not as a metric under "Services", so is it an overall metric for DataPower's functionality or can I use it per service?

So, how can I monitor how many calls the service had on the given time frame?

*** We have found a metric under XML Manager tab called: HTTP connection request. it is split per service.
can we use its data to count the number of uses of the service?


When you are lookin at this page:

with global timefram set as last XX hours/min/days default option is showing current values. This is why you can see no requests on those services. You can change it to calculate over timeframe and you will see it. But amount of calls per minut for services that are used rarely may looks like around 0/min or so. If you want to know extact number of calls you can create multidimensional view inside service:


Hi @sebastian k.

That is a good answer for question about services that oneagent discover & show 😉

Our question is about services that IBM DataPower plugin retrieve & show

Ok my bad 🙂

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


That metric should appear under services and not metrics. Could you open a support case for it?


Will do



Ask them for the 1.091 version, I just pushed that version out based on your screenshot and it should fix the metric location.

That did it, Thanks!

Hi Mike

Thanks a lot for the fast fix!

Just a quick question here as DP dummy, what is the HTTP connection requests metric stand for?

An XML manager obtains and manages XML documents, stylesheets, and other document resources on behalf of one or more services.
The HTTP connection requests is the number of requests which uses HTTP connections.

Hi @Michael L. thanks a lot for explanation



In the list of metrics available for datapower extension using custom chart, I can see two of them called "frontend time" and "backend time", which do not show data. Does anyone know if something needs to be configured in the datapower to deliver that information



Well spotted! Those two metrics can never get any data from the extension. They were added in the early days of the extension when a customer wanted to call the DataPower Rest API for all individual requests, calculate the time themselves and then push the results in using the API.