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Dynatrace SSL certificate monitor extension status in pending state


Good Morning, I added monitoring configuration for 8 servers. 4 are in an OK state and 4 are in a "Pending" state.

The ones in a Pending state that are having issues when I run the query I see the below error / message. Trying to figure out how to resolve this. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Extension com.dynatrace.custom.python-certificate-monitor(1.6.0) not available in cache yet (queued for download)

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

How long did you wait? That message can show for a number of minutes before it's resolved. If it takes more than half an hour or so, have a look at the extension log files on the OneAgent. If there's nothing there, open a support ticket and they can investigate it further.


Hi Mike, it's been in that state for about 10 hours now. Thanks.

If you find something in the logs, or support helps out, drop a message here with the resolution. It can be a few things such as a network issue, an incompatible OneAgent version or a cluster issue.


Hello guys!

I'm trying to use the same extension, but I got a different error ...


Just after it queued for download it returned a PermissionDenied ... but it's kinda confuse because this host is monitored by OneAgent, also we have an earlier version where we use dtuser and it is applied on the LocalSystem account... as you can see in the following image, it is being executed as SYSTEM and we have ECC enabled...


Any idea of the possibles causes?? 


This looks to be a separate issue. The log line in the screenshot indicates that the extension was able to run but ran into an error in the main `query` method.  I'd suggest opening a support ticket for this issue. We would need to review the full logs to see what is happening here. 

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