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Extension 2.0: Load an updated extension


to compensate for the lack of a fundamental metric for us and the customer. I downloaded the Apache Kafka extension (already present on the hub). I added the metric, changed the name, but now I can’t load the extension on our environment. Any suggestions on how?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Make sure that you rename the extension to custom, that you're signing it and uploading that cert to the credential vault. You can have a look at this video for more details:

JMX (Java Management Extensions) is ideal for monitoring applications built using #Java. With #Dynatrace, you can monitor any metric in your JVM that is exposed via an MBean. With the new Dynatrace Extensions 2.0 Framework and the Visual Studio Code Add-On, it's even easier to bring in JMX metrics

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If you are deploying your extensions (modifying existing extensions equally qualifies) you have to deploy them signed:

Antonio Sousa

Hi @AntonioSousa ,

I am trying to modify SQL Server Extension 2.3.0 using Visual Studio Code but I found a notification of "Cannot initialize workspace without certificates":


Do you know how to fix the problem? I believe the certificate is successfully uploaded to the Dynatrace credential vault and what next? 


Hi @AntonioSousa ,

I have successfully initialized workspace yesterday.

I have renamed the sql server extension to custom but I got error code of 415 when I built the custom extension:


I have used the latest schema (1.291.0) because someone said the error will be fixed in schema 1.289.0:


Any suggestions on how to upload the updated sql server extension?


Best Regards,


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