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Extension 2.0 - where does the logic go?


Could someone please help explain where the code goes for Extension 2.0? 


I've played with OneAgent and ActiveGate extensions by writing my own Python code that runs every 1 minute.  I understand a fair amount about Extensions 2.0 YAML, JSON, and ZIP thanks to this great blog post (  and help site ( ).


But, I can't seem to figure out where I place the logic that knows what to do with the YAML and JSON configuration data to obtain metrics or perform some logic on data to produce a metric. Is maybe Extensions 2.0 not a replacement for what we can currently do with ActiveGate and OneAgent extensions?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Coded extensions and local extensions in the 2.0 framework is planned for the future. For now it's only possible to gather data using the declarative YAML format, for example for SNMP polling.



  Thank you for the reply.   Looking forward to the coded extensions.  We're playing with the SNMP extension right now and it's really cool.  The best part is whoever developed it I feel was really thinking about all the different scenarios a client might have and thus made the SNMP extension quite flexible.  I can't image the complexity of code behind it.

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Hey, quick question.


How did you get the new SNMP Extension? 

NVM i just found the docs.


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Dynatrace Pro

@Jan_W is responsible for the framework and @dglugla for the SNMP implementation. I'm sure that they're happy to hear about your experience.