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Howto use tagging/alarm routing for certificate extension


Does anybody have experience/suggestion how to route certificate alarms coming from cert extension (SSL Certificate Monitor | Dynatrace Hub)

I'm trying test and implement this extension which, after some applied fixes by Dynatrace, does what it should do. However I'm experiencing one big gap which support can't solve and suggesting an RFE which I can't imagine someone didn't solve it already.

The extension is detecting certificates on eg host and creates a custom device for each certificate. The extension is generating alarms once certificates are (going to be) expired. The problem is that I can't send these alarms to the right teams. I can't autotag these items eg based on the host they're detected on or the domain the certificate applies for.

Does anyone have experience with this and/or even solved this issue? I would have expected that via a entity selector rule using the relation or regex auto tag should be possible. Once autotagged the correct alarmprofile can be applied and alarms will be sent out to the right to solve the issue.

Looking forward seeing the responses,

Kind regards,



Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

You can select all certificates related to a host with an entity selector like:

type("python:certificate_monitor_certificate"),fromRelationships.runsOn(type(HOST), entityId(HOST-xxxxxx))

Apply this entity selector to an automatic tagging rule, you can get results like:


Would that solve your use-case?


Due to holidays and stuff I didn't had the time yet to review this comment. Just tested it and it works like a charm! Only modification I've done rather than using a HostID I've been using the host tag based on the defined hostgroup.


I have a similar situation, but I'm trying to have the certificates be recognized as belonging to a management zone, is there an entity selector I can set in the management zone rules that will accomplish this?


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