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IBM i: Message queues to monitor - Filtering


The "send log log events on messages" where you define certain message ID's you want to capture, does this have an "AND" or "OR" relationship with the "Filter on Message Types"? 


As an example, on a certain system I'd like to get log events on certain message ID's which are critical for us and I also need all messages of type: Inquiry.  But to me it seems like I'm only getting data if one or the other option is activated not both together. 























When disabling the "Filter on Message Types" I do get the event ID's I listed but as soon as I enable "Filter on Message Types" I get either events on message ID or the Inquiry messages I selected in the Message Types but not both. 


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi David,

It is an "AND" type of operator. Checks for the message ID, if it matches your filter then checks for the message type and if it also matches your message type then it sends it.

If that's not how it works, please open a support ticket and enable DEBUG mode on the extension monitoring configuration that has the IBM i host endpoint in question so that Support can collect logs to verify.

Thanks Diego,

Is indeed what we observe, just a suggestion for improvement, it would be nice to have an extra option to have message queue filtering for just Inquiry messages without first filtering on Message ID's.  

Inquiry messages means there is something broken, always.

Or is it an option to make 2 entries for the same message queue, 1 for monitoring specific message ID's and another one for just capturing Inquiry messages?  Would this cause issues?

It should be fine, it will just make 2 separate queries, one to get all the inquiry types and the other to get specific message IDs.

It already does that. If you read the Message IDs filter box hint, it says "Leaving this field blank means any message ID.". So leave it blank as it says, and then just filter by Inquiry type. This will capture any messages that are type "Inquiry" regardless of the message ID.

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