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MSSQL 2.0 to pull DB state for standalone databases


Reaching out to see how others are using Dynatrace to monitor the database state for MSSQL. Not an MSSQL expert here, more of an admin of Dynatrace.

We are currently using ActiveGate extension 2.0 Microsoft SQL Server where we are getting some useful metrics but it seems the db state metric is not available, only for DBs that are in an availability group, using metric key 'sql-server.always-on.db.state', the metric name 'Database state' and splitting on dimension 'sql_server_availability_database'.

What about stand-alone DBs not in an availability group? Is there a way to get the db state for them? States that are shown in MS documentation below. I am seeing that we can run a query to get the state, but I am looking to utilize this extension and looking to confirm I am not missing something here with this extension. If not provided by this extension it would be a great addition to introduce.

From MS link above:
A database is always in one specific state. For example, these states include ONLINE, OFFLINE, or SUSPECT. To verify the current state of a database, select the state_desc column in the sys.databases catalog view or the Status property in the DATABASEPROPERTYEX function.



There is no availability metrics for Microsoft SQL Server, document is bit old which needs to be updated.


Sujit Singh

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

I don't know for your specific metrics but you will can build custom SQL Extension 2.0 to run SQL query of your choice 🙂 

Observability Engineer at Phenisys - Dynatrace Professional

Thanks. I was wanting to avoid that if possible. Just wanted to confirm I wasn't missing something with the current version of this MSSQL AG extension.

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