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MSSQL 2.0 update instance display name


Is there a way to update the display name of the instances created by the MSSQL 2.0 extension (1.1.0)?

The current instance name of HOSTINSTANCE without any spaces or other characters between makes it hard to parse. For example, something like HOST/INSTANCE which hews closer to the SQL naming convention.

I tried using the custom device API to update but nothing happened, I assume because the extension is controlling the name. If there is a way to update or put this as a monitoring config option in the next release, that would be great. 


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi David,

Unfortunately, we can't do that right now. The name of the instance is being created out of two parameters: Device Name and Device Port, where Device is a custom device that represents an actual instance we are connected to. The Device Name can have following values: IP Address (when we connect directly through IP), DNS name (when we connect through a domain), or a combination of these two with an instance name. This is not controlled by the extension but rather by the underlying data source. I will share this feedback with our R&D team.

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