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SAP ABAP Extension

Hello, good afternoon, I have a problem with the SAP ABAP extension where I can see certain metrics, that is, I receive information but some metrics such as:

sap.rfcIncomingRequests sap.rfcOutgoingRequests sap.rfcIncoming execution time sap.rfcOutgoing execution time SAP.job.status_count.gauge SAP.job.avg_duration SAP.job.max_delay SAP.job.avg_delay I do not receive information, within the documentation I see that for these metrics an API token is used which has already been created, JCo is also already installed but I still do not receive information on said metrics, I do not know if anyone has had the same problem if you could guide me.

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Did you check the boxes in the configuration to send rfc and job information? Have a look at the ActiveGate logs (in the remoteplugin, sap folder) for clues about if something is wrong. You can also open a support ticket.


Thank you, it was only the API-token that was wrong, reviewing the logs we realized that it was that part that was failing, thank you very much for your response and your time.


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