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VMware (remote monitoring) extension 2.0



we have configured VMware (remote monitoring) extension 2.0 in our env. But alerts are not generating when we have issues.

1. Avaliable metric events in VMware (remote monitoring) extension 2.0 is not showing in setting- anomally detection - metric events to enable it.

2. some of the vcenter alarms are coming in logs(attached) - how do we capture it and alert,



Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi @sundarv1 , 
Yes, currently the VMware remote monitoring extension does not come with any predefined metric events meaning that any alerting/problem detection would need to be created via the metric events section in the settings.  ( )

For the vCenter Triggered Alarms (as well as vCenter Events - See the Hub tile description for the ones that are captured) these are currently ingested as Log Messages. In order to set up anomaly detection/alerting for these Log Events would need to be configured ( . In a future version of the extension, there will be the option to ingest the Triggered Alarms as Dynatrace Events (similar to this API  -


we are getting this error from logs file after installation of VMWARE Extension

('Certificate Status on Datacenters',) Certificate Status on Datacenters is in red status.  But when we checked all certificates in vcenter and there are no issues. 

How do we identify the issue


Frequent Guest

Any feedback we are receiving, Content: ('Certificate Status on Datacenters',) Certificate Status on Datacenters is in red status. Location: Datacenters

However the vcenter.alarm.triggered_time says  2022-11-29 19:06:03  (over 2 years old)
Any inputs on why we are receiving these old errors?

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