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VsCode extension enviornment URL error


Hey All, I am trying to add a Dynatrace Extension to my Dynatrace Managed environment. Every time I try to add the URL. I get "The environment URL is not reachable" and "Unable to verify first certificate." Has anyone encountered this before and does any know how to help. Will I still be able to use the vscode extension to help me or will i have to soley use the cli with the flag of "--no-check-certificate " I have also attached the logs. Let me know what you all think. 



Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi @trevordconsult , 
Please take a look at this GitHub issue that was recently closed that may help : 


I am not sure this is the same thing. I am trying to add the Dynatrace Managed environment, so then I can create a python 2.0 extension. I have not even connected the environment yet.  Unless I am just not understanding. Will this work?

Hi @trevordconsult 

Please correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like the error log you posted above is from the Dynatrace Extensions VSCode extension/Add-on : 


If so, then the link to the comment will help you set up that VSCode Add-On to be able to connect to your Dynatrace Environment. The VSCode Add-On has it's own configuration and you can edit the settings.json file for your VSCode installation to control them.  In VSCode if you go to File -> Preferences -> Settings you can search from Dynatrace and edit the json file. 


If that is indeed the issue, from there you can use this VSCode Add-On to create a Dynatrace Extension (including a Python EF 2.0 one). 

Frequent Guest

i am running into same issue as well 

i did added tenant connectivity settings 
here is my settings.json file 

"https.proxyAuthorization": true,
"dynatraceExtensions.developerCertkeyLocation": "/Users/lidsc82/Library/Application Support/Code/User/workspaceStorage/a3e208e5a62162e200a539a06a885512/DynatracePlatformExtensions.dynatrace-extensions/certificates/developer.pem",
"dynatraceExtensions.simulator.defaultMetricsIngestion": true,
"dynatraceExtensions.logging.maxFileSize": 50,
"dynatraceExtensions.simulator.defaultLocation": "REMOTE",
"http.proxyStrictSSL": false,
"workbench.trustedDomains.promptInTrustedWorkspace": true,
"dynatraceExtensions.rootOrCaCertificateLocation": "/Users/lidsc82/Library/Application Support/Code/User/workspaceStorage/a3e208e5a62162e200a539a06a885512/DynatracePlatformExtensions.dynatrace-extensions/certificates/ca.pem",
"settingsSync.ignoredSettings": [
"pythonTestExplorer.testFramework": "pytest",
"dynatraceExtensions.tenantConnectivitySettings": [
"certificatePath":"/Users/*****/Library/Application Support/Code/User/workspaceStorage/a3e208e5a62162e200a539a06a885512/DynatracePlatformExtensions.dynatrace-extensions/certificates/ca.pem"
"gitlens.gitCommands.skipConfirmations": [
"dynatraceExtensions.logging.level": "DEBUG",

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