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Analysis problem : Response time vs Throughput


Hi, I would like to see report in which I can monitor Response time and Throughput for each and every requester for my service.

For Instance, I would like to monitor my Inventory Service. There are multiple requester using this service using API. I would like to see response time and throughout together to find out which requester takes longer time and down the line when I fix the problem then eventually I can see progress.

IN Above image, I can figure out that b2blearn service takes longer response time even if throughput is low. Is it possible to get such kind of report in Dynatrace ?




Hi Moinatik,

Using request attributes may help here. If this requester name is in the request header or any other supported attribute source of your requests, you can create a request attribute in Dynatrace and see metrics for each requester. Please be aware there may be storage impacts if you have numerous unique requesters. See full details on this request attribute feature below.

Hope This Helps


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

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