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Best practice for ActiveGate Deployment


Hi Folks,


What is recommended, use a proxy for ActiveGate or open a firewall from ActiveGate to Dynatrace SaaS?


What is best practice that we usually follow.





Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

There are no particular golden rules for this. We support multiple different connectivity schemes - see


Using Dynatrace you are not required to install any additional LB/Proxy.


What path to go depends on specifically your environment. To select best option you need to evaluate :

- Costs - If you deploy on public or hybrid clouds, usually you pay for the outbound traffic. A private link, LB or a proxy might be a good choice to gather all traffic in a corresponding Dynatrace SaaS region. 

- Network simplification - If you have a complex environment spanning across multiple clouds, network zones and data centers - a proxy/LB might be a good choice to simply management of outgoing connections to Dynatrace SaaS.

- Security - if for a privacy reason you want to hide during the routing IPs of you monitored hosts by OneAgent.

- Auditing - in case you need to control and inspect how much traffic and what traffic is sent

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

@Radoslaw_Szulgo, Thanks for prompt help.

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