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Best use of Dynatrace Notebooks


Hello Community,

I just recently started using Notebooks and wanted to see what other have created for Notebooks.


The two I have found interesting are:


fetch logs
| filter contains(content, "Errors")


fetch events

| filter event.kind == "DAVIS_PROBLEM" AND matchesValue(labels.management_zone, "company-app)




Community Team
Community Team

Hello @oracleman,

The possibilities of notebooks are truly amazing, and we're using them even in the Community Team to improve moderation. For example, we're using this query to quickly identify the questions from users who are just starting their adventure with Dynatrace Community:

fetch bizevents
|filter event.provider =="community"
|filter =="Newcomer" OR == "Visitor" OR == "Frequent Guest" OR == "Observer" OR == "Participant"
|filter depth==0 
|filter replies.count== 0
|fields subject, conversation.view_href,, conversation.last_post_time_friendly, conversation.last_post_time
|sort conversation.last_post_time asc

Thanks to getting data from the forum to the Dynatrace, we can quickly identify, for example, which topics/labels have the most questions without accepted solutions so that we can contact the right team for help.

Of course, other users will probably show more IT-related examples, just wanted to show that you can use it in very various ways, as sometimes imagination is an only limit 😊

If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at

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