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Can OneAgent communicate with a specific ActiveGate?


Hi All,

Our customers use one ActiveGate for production environment.

They plan to add one ActiveGate for development environment.

They worry that production OneAgent communicate development ActiveGate.

Can OneAgent communicate with a specific ActiveGate as follows?

  • (Prod)OneAgent -> (Prod)ActiveGate -> Dynatrace SaaS
  • (Dev)OneAgent -> (Dev)ActiveGate -> Dynatrace SaaS

Best Regards,

Masahiko Enda


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello @Masahiko E.

Do they have a single environment or two different environments?

Currently this is not possible in the same environment but maybe in future there will be an option to point the OneAgnet to the particular ActiveGate.

Documented Info: If you install multiple ActiveGates in the same environment, your OneAgents and ActiveGates will configure themselves automatically to achieve optimal load balancing.




Hi Masahiko,

To add to what Barbar mentioned above, only other way is to use firewall rules on your ActiveGate to block traffic from the other environment i.e. Production ActiveGate blocks traffic from Oneagents on Development servers and vice versa.



That's how we thought we could achieve the same. Unfortunately in our case this triggered security alerts on the firewalls due to too high number of denied connection attempts from the OneAgent's to the unreachable ActiveGate(s) with no way to configure an exception (it's hard to bargain with security these days....). So we were forced to allow connections to all Environment ActiveGates, even if that is not desired due to network topology.

In that sense I would very much welcome an option similar to the "Collector Groups" in AppMon, only for ActiveGates.

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