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Communication endpoints


Hello, we have DT_TENANTTOKEN and DT_Connection_Point variables that only need to be set in Production (if I understood correctly). We are using a buildpack for the Oneagent and are having a few questions :

1) can't we set those 2 variables also in DEV/ACC/PREV (non-prod tenant) ? (for RTP reasons)
2) every time we run the curl command to retrieve the communication endpoints, we can see the list of endpoints grow. End February we started with 2 , now there are 7. During our roll-out which is spanning several months, the apps are now having different (number of) endpoints. Should we adapt our earlier installations with the latest list ?
3) why are endpoints hardcoded in variables to start with , this doesn't feel as a best practice. For Non-Prod tenant we dont have to do this...



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


The feature allows to use the same build artifacts (droplet in context of CF) in app-only scenarios and redirect the agent to other Dynatrace environments if needed. What do you want to achieve? I'm curious because you're referencing two environment variables, the one for the token and the other one for the endpoints. Are you also setting the tenant?

1) Not sure what you mean. Can you please elaborate?

2) The list of endpoints grow if you set up new ActiveGates. As long as one of the endpoints is reachable you don't necessarily need to update the endpoint variable.

3) Not sure what you mean. Can you please elaborate?



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