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Database Monitoring


Hi Team,


I have little query about database monitoring, need to understand the features of database monitoring.
if I install one agent on database server is it sufficient to get all metrics of database or not ? What is the best approach to get DB metrics on one agent or database extension ?
what do you suggest.




Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi @pratiksha14...

To get database statements, it is not necessary to install a OneAgent on the database server. Dynatrace recognizes the database statements based on the monitored services. I.e. if an application server, that communicates with a database, is monitored via OneAgent, the statements are already detected without the need to install an agent on the database server.


By using a OneAgent on the database server you can additionally get infrastructure data of the server. Because these servers usually have a large amount of memory, it makes sense to run the OneAgent in Infrastructure Only mode. If it is not possible to install a OneAgent on a database server, extensions can help here to get infrastructure data. Also, extensions potentially provide metrics you need. Which extension to use depends on the database type and the use case.


Take a look at the Dynatrace Hub. Here you can find extensions and descriptions of what they offer.

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

@pratiksha14 I just realized you were asking specifically about metrics. Sorry.

If the built-in metrics are not enough, you can use extensions to potentially get more metrics.

In the menu under Metrics you can filter e.g. by Oracle or SQL to see the available metrics. You may have to deactivate the toggle (see screenshot).



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