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Database failure rate


What does it mean when Dynatrace do not report any failure for database inserts, but when some inserts cannot be found into the database....

Somehow, not all the inserts are successful, but are not reported by Dynatrace. Any idea?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello Michael,

Keep in mind that the information reported by Dynatrace at DB level is based on queries triggered by the Application monitored, on the application server side. What this means is that Dynatrace will place some sensors at JDBC, ADO.NET... frameworks to report response time and number of queires. If this calls have a problem, should trigger an exception, and this exception (if using standard frameworks) should be captured by OneAgent.
So my recommendation is to double check those invocations that you identify as failures. Review the purepaths that contain that kind of queries and check if there is any exception thrown. If you find any special exception but it is not counted by Dynatrace as failure, you can modify the Error Detection > Custom Handled exceptions or Custome errors, to count those inserts with some specific behaviour as errors.


Hi Rodrigo,

Indeed we're having a custom framework, so that's maybe why the exceptions are not reported.

Will have a look at it. Thanks!

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