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Default settings about auto updates of Dynatrace OneAgent



I'm trying to make a trial of dynatrace saas and I have a question about the default setting about auto updates of Dynatrace OneAgent.

Here, the attached image shows Settings>Preferences>OneAgent updates and I think that I can switch the auto-update by enabling/disabling "Automatically update all OneAgent instances" of this image.

This is the image of the default settings, so I thought that automatic updates of OneAgent are turned "on" by default.

However, I checked the documentation of dynatrace and found the following statement.

Automatic updates are turned off by default.

How do I update Dynatrace OneAgent?

Which is correct by default, turned on or turned off?

Or please let me know if I made a mistake.



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Automatic updates are on by default, we will look into updating the help page.

Thank you your comment!

I understand automatic updates are on by default.


I have question regarding the auto update. We also setup the auto update on our Dynatrace Saas. however, after oneagent updates, we see message:

"This process should be restarted.

Dynatrace OneAgent has been updated to a newer version. Please restart this process to activate the OneAgent."

- Does it mean that the process is not being monitored by dynatrace? and need to restart to active the new version OneAgent?

- Or, the process is still being monitor (by older version OneAgent), and should be restarted to activate the new version OneAgent?

Thanks and regards,


This message can be a bit misleading, it makes it seem as if the process will not get monitored or tracked for performance if it does not restart. This is NOT the case. the app/service will continue to get monitored by DT just that any updates or new features available for monitoring such as an example with IIS or Java will not be made available until after the service restarts.

What Nestor has written is correct. Old version of given specialized agent will still be working and it is compatible with new version of OneAgent. I have forwarded this question for UI team to have a look.

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