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Did the MultiDimensional Analysis screen move?


Since the last cluster upgrade the MultiDimensional Analysis screen that was accessible under "Diagnostic Tools" has disappeared. I've spoken to a few coleagues and they also are unable to locate the screen. Has it been intentionally removed or moved? I frequently made use of this screen so home it will be re-instated if it was removed.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

It appears that its there but for some odd reason, it wont add in existing views. You'd have to create a new one - Im reaching out to support now on this.


Support replied:

Hello Chad, so after looking this over with my team. The difference between these 2 MDA's most likely comes down to permissions of the 2 different analysis's.

The MDA created at the service level would only be visible for people that can see this service, via Management Zones, Environment permissions, etc.

Where the MDA created under the Diagnostic Tools would be available globally where everyone can see this view.

That being said if you moved the Services MDA to the global one under Diagnostic tools, you may have issue with migration


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