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Difference between MSSQL extension and database services


Hi community, just want to understand more, if I configured some MSSQL extensions in Dynatrace, will it be shown in the "database services" tab? 

I'm confused by the concept and purpose of the 2 because the metrics are also different- for database service there are Response time, Failure rate, and Throughput, while for mssql extension metrics there are a lot more such as General statistics, Latch metrics, Lock statistics, SQL statistics, Memory statistics, Database statistics, Buffer Manager statistics. 


Appreciate any enlightenment, thank you!


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi @leonatay,


It will not be shown in the "database services" tab. Under the Database Services tab you will find the data that is collected from the database client side. For instance, response time is a time that database needed to return data to the client application.


MSSQL Extension (Extensions 2.0) means deeper monitoring of the database. Like you mentioned Latch metrics, Lock statistics etc. The data can be collected because the extension pulls it directly from the database by executing special performance queries.


Best Regards,


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