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Disabled OneAgent requires restart?


I found this Q&A in my research of this issue:

I'm looking for clarification. I disabled monitoring for a set of Linux hosts about one week ago. I went back into Dynatrace this morning to re-enable monitoring but none of the hosts appeared in Deployment Status. I had our server admin restart the OneAgent on each host and within minutes the hosts re-appeared in Deployment Status. Is this by design? So if I disable monitoring on my hosts I will need to have the OneAgent restarted before they will appear within Dynatrace?




Hi Darin,

If you set the time-frame to a window when the agents were online, you should be able to see these hosts listed in the Hosts page. The hosts will show as "Unmonitored". If you disabled the monitoring in the UI, you should be able to enable it back in the Host's settings. If you disabled it on the server itself by stopping the oneagent service, you will need to restart the oneagent service on the server.



That really didn't answer my question... I disabled monitoring from within the Deployment Status page in the UI. After about a week I went back into the Deployment Status page and these disabled hosts did not appear, nor did they appear anywhere in the Hosts page. These hosts appeared once we restarted the OneAgent. Is this by design? Is that what I can expect if we disable monitoring through the UI on additional hosts?

Hi Darin,

This is by design. I have a host that monitoring was disabled for less than an hour ago and it is no longer listed in the Deployment Status page in the All hosts tab. As for the Hosts page, If you disabled a host in the Deployment Status page last week, you will not see it in the host page if your global time-frame at the top right of the page is set for last 24 hours or last 2 hours for example. If you set the global time-frame in the Hosts page to last week or any time-frame when the agent was enabled , the host will show up in the Hosts page but not under "Running" but under "Unmonitored".

Hope This Helps


Based on this post:

This seems to be shouldn't happen.

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